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I recently discovered that there was no post about it yet so here we go.

Title: DRAMAtical Murder Re:Connect
Maker: Nitro+ChiRAL
Translator: Yaoi Forever, Dramatical Rhyme
Year: 2013
Rating: 18+ for blood, gore, rape and beastiality
Platform: Windows, though it works decently with Wine on Mac/Linux


Re:Connect is DRAMAtical Murder’s fandisk that continues the endings both Good and Bad, as they were left off in the first game. Re:connect also contains a few other extras such as a matching game and the countdown voices.

Note that the stories can be read with 2 possible English translations:

- The english patch made by the same team that did the main game, available on Fuwanovel

Dramatical-Rhyme's pastebin translations in which many Tumblr users found more satisfaction as they found it closer to the original Japanese version.

In addition, here are a bunch of translations for short stories you may want to check, taken from this old post of mine:

Birthday short stories:
Koujaku | Noiz | Mink | Clear | Ren/Aoba

Valentine’s day:
Koujaku  | Noiz | Mink | Clear | Ren ; White Day : Virus & Trip

Drama CDs:
Koujaku, Noiz and Clear’s Animate Bonus Drama CD | Mink

April’s Fools Day : part 1 - part 2 - part 3

Allmate group discussion

Aoba’s Birthday Messages

Countdown voices (for Re:Connect):
Tae | Mizuki | Virus and Trip | Child!Aoba and Child!Koujaku | Clear
Mink | Noiz | Koujaku | Ren

Stellaworth countdown voices: (different and longer from above)
Ren | Mink | Noiz | Koujaku and Clear (remnants from Crazy Kouzu scanlations near the bottom of the page)
Allmate group discussion

CHiRAL Night’s post-Re:connect dialogues:
See Ayuuria’s masterpost. Audio link at the bottom of each post.

Also more CHiRAL Night stuff here.

Summer Side Stories - SSS : (mostly re-translations from Chinese)
Koujaku | Mink | Clear (partial) | Noiz | Ren (partial)

If you know about other available translations, please don’t hesitate to leave us a message!

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